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emPOWERher, was born in 2022 to provide a space where women of all ages can learn, connect, shop and grow. We strive to create a community of women who support each other on their path to success. 


With 4 super successful editions and more than 200 tickets sold, the emPOWERher experience has become an important footprint in the community of women entrepreneurs in Texas.


Our events consist of bringing together women of all ages and professions, single and married, entrepreneurs or traditional professions in Texas and other states, wanting to excel, community and expansion in an event full of fundamental tools and keys to achieve goals and objectives. in the different areas of life and above all, create a support network for those who want to invest in their journey of self-knowledge, personal growth, expansion and explosion of their financial and professional potential.


In addition to providing a space to learn and connect with different women and businesses, participants enjoy a UNIQUE and DIFFERENT learning experience and theme every time they attend one of our events and go home not only with practical learning for the daily life and new friendships, but with unforgettable experiences, gifts and surprises.


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