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Style Your Life Live MasterClass

There are only 100 spots available for the MasterClass! Act now to secure your place and take a big step towards your best version.


Style Your Life MasterClass online with access to everyone

Register for $95 to secure your spot among the 100 available spots!

This Master Class
Is for you

  •  You want to learn how to project a more secure, confident, successful and comfortable image in your work and personal life 

  • You are looking for a new job and would like better advice on what to wear for your job interview.

  • You want to invest in your self-knowledge and learn a little more about your concept of self-image and self-esteem 

  • You want to learn if your skin is warm or cold

  • Would you like to know your color palette and the tones that help you highlight your features more?

  • Do you want to learn to use the influence of color in your favor to know how to communicate better and convince others of your ideas?

  • Learn about your body type and how to highlight what you like

  • Discover your personal style by essence and the two that complement it and know which style universe you belong to.

  • Learn about your face type and how to highlight your features

  • You will learn about closet basics and how to create wardrobe capsules

The ticket price for the MasterClass is $95.

Includes 🎟️

  • 9 learning topics about your internal and external image 

  • digital diploma by participation

  • color and clothing guide

  • Guided Meditation with Amanda Ball Leonardi

  • ⚠️ you can pay them in 4 parts with Klarna, TDC or PayPal in this link:

STYLE your LIFE MasterClass
STYLE your LIFE MasterClass
Online via zoom. Participate from anywhere in the world
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