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What can you expect when working with @monicadelgado?

You will receive:  

  • high-quality creative content 

  • quality editions 

  • style and color palette adapted to the brand, product or service being promoted 

  • a script with structure that allows you to use the videos to explain the story of your brand 

  • high quality creative images

  • content that you can exploit once the promotion has finished on your social networks to attract more customers 

  • more exposure for your business 

  • positioning of your brand 

  • credibility 

Cannot be guaranteed: 

  • a certain number of new followers

  • a certain amount of sales 

Important to know:

Content creators have the function of "CREATE" quality content to help convey the message of the brand, service or product through images and videos on social networks. The creator's job is to create a content idea that aligns with the brand and the product/service it offers, select the most appropriate space, colors and settings, record that content with quality equipment, make a clean edit that go with the style of the brand and thus present a creative advertising ad that is connected with the principles and style of the client's brand.

As in any other means of communication, the results of advertising, which is another of the functions and services provided by the content creator, may vary 

depending on the context, time, day and other unpredictable factors that occur on the day of publication. 

It is for this reason that when one pays for a promotion, they are paying for the creative work of the creator and not for the results that may result from the promo as such.

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