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Dear Customer):

This letter (the "Agreement") establishes the terms and conditions by which I agree to provide the services requested by you (the Client) described in Annex 1, for the promotion of your brand through my account @monicadelgado IG, (the "IG Creator"), subject to the terms and conditions described below:


1.1 The Client undertakes, and I (the IG Creator) as an independent contractor accept such commitment to provide the Client with the services described in Schedule 1.

1.2 The "GI Creator" will provide the Client with the services established in Annex 1 (the "Services"), which may only be modified provided there is prior written agreement of both parties.

1.3 The Client agrees that it will not control the manner or means by which the IG Creator will provide the Services, including, without limitation, the time and place when the Services will be performed.

1.4 Unless otherwise established in Annex 1, the Client is obliged to provide within a reasonable period not exceeding sixty (60) calendar days from the signing of this agreement, at its sole expense and under penalty of breach of contract, equipment and/or supply of materials that will be used to fulfill the promotion by the IG Creator (The Product/Service). IG Creator will provide Client with access, as the case may be, to the facilities where it will perform the Service to the extent necessary to comply with this agreement.

1.5 It is established by mutual agreement of the parties that the lack, omission or breach by the Client of the provisions of point 1.4 of this agreement for the provision of the service by the Creator of IG, will consummate the contract without the client having right to reimbursement or compensation for breach on your part.

2. TERM.

The term of this Agreement will begin on the date set forth in this communication and will continue until the Services are completed, unless earlier terminated in accordance with Section 10 of this agreement (the "Term"). Any extension of the Term shall be subject to mutual written agreement between the parties.


3.1 As full compensation for the provision of the Services and the rights granted to IG Creator in this Agreement, the Client shall pay the following amounts:

IG post: $1200
IG Stories: $250
GI carousel: $1600
IG Highlights: $350
Mix Post + Story + Carousel + Featured: $2800
(exceptions may apply if a special price, offer or individual settlement is agreed on with the content creator)

The payment prices (the "Fees"), will be payable before the completion of the Services to the Client, unless otherwise established in Exhibit 1. The IG Creator will be solely responsible for all its federal, state and premises, as stated in Section 4.2. The compensation set forth in this Section 3.1 shall be the compensation that IG Creator will receive for the Services. Client shall only be obligated to pay any type of additional fees or other forms of compensation to IG Creator for such Services, or any work performed, including, but not limited to, fees, success fees, or any other form of incentive compensation. . provided that it has been agreed and in writing between the Client and the Creator of IG.

3.2 The IG Creator includes in the prices of the Services, any travel or other costs or expenses incurred by it in connection with the provision of the Services, and in no case will the Client reimburse such costs or expenses, unless otherwise agreed. otherwise. in writing by the Client depending on the occasion.

3.3 The Client must pay all the FEES of the campaigns that the IG Creator creates in its profile, seven (7) calendar days prior to each day set for the publication of its promotion in the IG Feed of the IG Creator (@monicadelgado ). For example, a campaign that will be shown on January 15, would be paid no later than January 8 (one week

before). This model will be applied to all months of the year. Multiple or concurrent campaigns are eligible for FEES under this same payment schedule. These FEES will be paid through Zelle, check or direct deposit, which will be agreed between the Client and the IG Creator.


IG Creator is an independent contractor (“Influencer”) to Client, and this Agreement shall not be construed to create any association, partnership, joint venture, employee or agency relationship between us for any purpose.


5.1 The IG Creator is and will be the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title and interest throughout the world in the creative process of the Services provided under this Agreement including, without limitation, to the Posts, Stories, etc. . --deliverables set forth in Schedule 1-- (collectively, the "Deliverables"), including all patents,


Content Creator for Social Media MONICA DELGADO

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