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Mónica Delgado hereinafter, Image Consultant.

The Image Consultant is an Independent worker based in the city of Houston and Internationally certified in Image Consulting, with vast and recognized experience in the Fashion Business, services that she has been offering to the general public for more than 3 years through of his social networks, and especially, through his IG user @monicadelgado.

Client: Identifies the person who signs this contract and pays the price for the service offered by the Image Consultant under the terms and conditions specified below and which the client expressly declares to know and accept by paying the price.

Object of the contract:

The purpose of the contract is to establish the terms and conditions under which the parties will execute the business model whose process is explained below, as well as the copyright, intellectual property, economic and use rights that the Image Consultant will provide to comply with the programming and execution of Image Consulting services that, as a product and intellectual and professional knowledge, the Image Consultant offers to the public in general and specifically under this contract to the Client through individual sessions on the topics described next:

  • Self image

  • Self-esteem

  • Lifestyle

  • Colorimetry

  • Type of bodywork

  • Personal style

  • Basic wardrobe items

  • Type of face.

The service includes: preparation of a questionnaire, presentation and interview with the Client as part of personalized Image Consulting sessions, in order to obtain the relevant information that allows the Image Consultant to offer a conclusive Diagnosis with personalized recommendations to the Client that will be delivered in PDF format at the end of the course as part of the contracted service and price.

In order to comply with the contract, in order to carry out the personalized advisory work agreed between the parties, under penalty of termination of the contract without reimbursement of the price, the Client accepts and undertakes to answer the questionnaire or questionnaires presented by the Consultant of Image within a maximum period of ten (10) business days from Monday to Friday, counted from the date of delivery by the Image Consultant

The advantages and scope of the Image Consulting service that the Image Consultant as an independent professional offers to the Client, includes but is not limited to obtaining an individualized Diagnosis of the Client according to the price paid by the Client, regarding one or more of the following topics:

1. Self-image
2. Self-esteem
3. Lifestyle with goals and objectives
4. Colorimetry according to the system of 4 stations and 12 substations 5. Influence of color on the client
6. Type of bodywork
7. Own style
8. Wardrobe Staples and Wardrobe Capsules
9. Type of face.

The service offered by the Image Consultant, once hired, will begin with the presentation by the Image Consultant of a technical questionnaire according to the topic or topics and time of six (6) individual sessions of 30 minutes up to one hour per course. -one-on-one session. previously contracted, aimed at offering a diagnosis according to the topic or topics selected and previously paid for by the Client.

The duration to complete the sessions is estimated to be carried out in a period of six (6) weeks from the date provided by the Image Consultant and the Client after signing the contract and prepaying each session.

Price and method of payment:

The sale price agreed by the parties for the exclusive purposes of this contract will be $750.00 for a maximum of six (6) individual sessions (one per week) of 30 minutes and up to a maximum of one hour of individual counseling.

The parties also agree that the $750.00 that the Client pays for the individualized sessions will correspond to the Image Consultant for the time, content and scope of the service that is its exclusive property, business model, own and independent product and the Client agrees to pay through the digital platform of the website

In any case, the time for the Client to conclude all personalized consulting sessions scheduled or rescheduled under the term of this contract is ninety (90) days from the date of signing and payment of this contract.

Contract execution process:

The parties agree that once the Client confirms the initial payment for the course-session contracted with the Image Consultant and the Image Consultant confirms receipt thereof, they will proceed to coordinate the most convenient day and time for all parties (Image Consultant). Image/Client) so that the service can run.

Once the programming and schedules for the exercise have been established,


Content Creator for Social Media MONICA DELGADO

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